Nations of Harn

There are nine civilized nations on the isle of Harn: seven human, one Sindarin (elven), and one Khuzdul (dwarven). The Perian (halfling) peoples have no independent homeland, and instead dwell in small pockets within other nations. In order to better understand the current state of affairs, a little background is in order:

A brief history of the island

The history of settlement on Harn (in simple terms) is one of migration. The Earthmasters, who lived on this world millenia ago, are the oldest known inhabitants of the isle. About 15,000 years ago, they suddenly vanished (for reasons unknown), and they left behind ruins whose mysteries have been probed for centuries.

Some 10,000 years ago, the Sindarin and Khuzdul people began to call the island home; with them trickled in a small number of Perians. These three peoples lived in peace during a golden age known as The Codominium.

Humans first appeared around three thousand years ago. The first of these, the Jarin peoples, arrived as a result of migration pressures from more aggressive Lythian peoples. The Jarin lived peacefully with the other races, although their far greater birthrate began to create pressure to clear more and more land for settlement. This would have eventually touched off bloodshed, had a greater problem not shown itself.

This problem came in the form of Lythian raiders, who saw Harn as a source of wealth. After a century of increasingly severe raids, the Lythians began to send forces intent on conquest; eventually, their sheer numbers overcame the resistance of the Codominium defenders. The fate of the island was forever changed in 683 BT at the Battle of Sorrows. While the invaders were routed, the leader of the Codominium suffered a mortal wound. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, the Sindarin renounced sovereignty over the island and withdrew to the Shava Forest to found Evael. The Khuzdul regarded this an act of betrayal, which they have yet to forgive; the Codominium was forever broken.

By around 500 BT, the Lythian invaders, now styling themselves Harnian, had assimilated most of the Jarin peoples, and driven the rest into wilderness areas in the north of the island. There followed centuries of anarchy with numerous barbarian and semi-civilized tribes, and the occasional city-state. The first modern nation to be founded was Melderyn, on the isle of the same name in southeastern Harn.

Many interesting things have happened between then and now, but those are stories for another day…

The Nine Nations

Azadmere (Khuzdul)


Evael (Sindarin)

Kaldor Where the campaign begins





Thardic Republic

Nations of Harn

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