Harnic Calendar


The standard Harnic calendar is comprised of 12 30-day months, making 360 days total. There are no leap years or other adjustments. The year begins on the first day of spring. The months (grouped by season), are as follows:


  • 1. Nuzyael
  • 2. Peonu
  • 3. Kelen
  • 4. Nolus
  • 5. Larane
  • 6. Agrazhar
  • 7. Azura
  • 8. Halane
  • 9. Savor
  • 10. Ilvin
  • 11. Navek
  • 12. Morgat

This calendar is also in timing with Kethira’s moon, Yael. A new moon (Yaelmor) occurs on the 30th of each month, while a full moon (Yaelah) occurs on the 15th. Months are commonly divided into tendays; daynames begin with Oneday and go through Tenday, when they are used at all.

Tuzyn Reckoning

The dating convention, Tuzyn Reckoning, uses the foundation of Melderyn as its year one. Years from that time forward receive a TR designation, while those before are designated BT (Before Tuzyn). The campaign begins on the 1st of Nuzyael, TR 720.

Harnic Calendar

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