Creating a Character

(Work in progress)

Character creation for this campaign will be somewhat more detailed than that given in the core rulebooks, in order to better fit the setting. I’ll be giving general information on the differences below.

1. Choose a race

The allowed races are listed in the Notes on Character Creation document. Any subrace of an allowed race may be chosen except for Drow (Elves); I will inform you of the particulars of how that subrace actually fits into the setting.

2. Choose a class

As noted elsewhere, all classes but Warlock and Sorceror are allowed. Note that all class choices will be tied strongly to the setting for consistency; see So You Want to Play a for details.

3. Determine ability scores

We will be using the random generation method, but instead of six rolls you may make seven and discard the lowest result before arranging.

4. Describe your character

  • Height and weight information will be found on the respective racial page.
  • Alignment, as noted, must be Good.
  • Language information will be found on the racial page.
  • I very strongly encourage use of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws.
  • Backgrounds listed in the PHB should be used as a starting point for inspiration. Since there is no way for you to know all the details of things in the setting that would influence your character based on choice of background, your thoughts will form the basis of a discussion that ensures your character fits in.
  • In addition to the above, we will work up information on your character which includes such details as date of birth (which can have an actual game effect), details of family and clan (including siblings and occupations of parents if relevant), and a description of any occupation(s) the character may have had prior to their decision to embark upon an adventuring life (which can likewise have an actual game effect).

5. Choose equipment

I will provide a price list when appropriate. There are two primary factors that will influence equipment both now and later:

  1. Harn uses a silver standard for coinage; the average person will never even see a gold coin in their lifetime, and the exchange ratio of coins will be completely different from that given in the PHB. For details, see Money.
  2. Harn’s technology level is more consistent with 12th-century Europe, therefore certain items will be either unavailable (like Elephants) or quite expensive (like plate mail). Further, owing to the rules and laws of feudal society, certain items (like crossbows and heavy armor) are considered the province of the nobility and their retainers, and suspicious persons bearing same are subject to interruption by said nobility (who take their prerogatives very seriously).

Creating a Character

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